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Why Summer Vacations is Best at Nice France

Nice actually is considered as the second most popular French city and is the second most popular to French and for a very good reason. Such cosmopolitan city in fact offers the best. With its beautiful beaches and the diverse character of the urban areas and its old world charm, it can in fact attract a number of tourists in each year.

Beaches are Beautiful

Bordering from its city along the Mediterranean is the famous walkway or Promenade des Anglais, which actually is the best place where you could walk, cycle or just sit and admire its beautiful blue waters at the Bay of Angels. The popular beaches in Nice are not sandy and are usually made of pebbles. Most of it also have good facilities and restaurants.

Those that Loves Art

At the east end of the Nice Coastline, there’s the Castle Hill or the Colline Du Chateau. There are waterfalls, ruins and also amazing panoramic views of the city which makes the walk up really worth it. This beautiful city in fact became a great inspiration for so many painters, artists and also composers.

Old Nice likewise is best explored if you do it on foot. The market squares in fact are always buzzing with different activities and it comes with a good number of restaurants and bars, which is able to offer a lively ambiance and comes with great night clubs during the night. It is best that you also try their authentic restaurant for a traditional meal and experience their true mediterranean feel. When you are there, you must never forget their flower and vegetable market present at the Cours Saleya. Another thing is that this lively street hosts antique markets every week. Another thing is that Old NIce is home to the Opera of Nice with where there are various wonderful churches and also painted buildings that actually mesmerize every visitor together with beauty and charm.

For History Lovers

Nice actually is a great place for those who loves history where there are historical sites and monuments which dates to various periods of architecture and history. Different museums and art galleries in fact showcases a unique collection that features international and local artists. There in fact are various popular museums in Nice like the Musee Matisse, Musee National Marc Chagall, Mus?e National du Sport, Palais Mass?na and the Musee d’Art et d’Histoire.

Whether you are a solo traveler or plans to go out with your family to relax, Nice would be an ideal holiday destination. This in fact is a unique place where you could find picturesque sites and get the best experience that’s something meant for all.

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