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What You Need To Know about Worktops.

It is normally a great choice when you select cabinetry for the kitchen. However, worktop choice should be properly considered as it will have a great impact in your kitchen. Worktop is simply a horizontal plane and requires proper consideration during the selection of the material. Basically, there is a wide range of materials for worktops. Over the years worktop materials have changed and technology has also come with super-tough materials options. With BBK Direct, however, you will get a wide range of materials for your kitchen worktops.

Basically, the popular worktop materials are such as glass, wood, composites, stone, and granite. You should, however, consider your choice clearly since materials are different and have different advantages as well. Here, you are going to learn more about composite worktops, wood, and solid surface.

Wood worktops.

Traditionally, hardwood has been a favorite because of the natural character and warmth it provides. Because of its strength, hardwood is usually a better choice than softwood. You should, however, use multiple pieces of wood joined together when used for worktops to avoid certain issues arising in the course of its usage like warping or cracking. With BBK Direct wooden worktops, however, you can be assured you are getting quality and approved wood worktops. However, BBK Direct wooden worktops helps you protect the environment as well.

Usually, wooden worktops will be appropriate for your food preparation areas. Usually, wood is treated which make it resistant to water and thus can be used around the sink. On the other hand, wooden worktops are suitable for various kitchen styles. Your wooden worktop should not act like the chopping board and you should also not place hot pans on top as it can scotch.

Composite work service.

Basically, natural quarts and binders are usually combined to give composite worktops. These materials are non-porous and usually resistant to scratches, heat damage, and stains. Because of the consistent composition of the composite worktops, there is no color variation or veining which is common in many natural stones.

Composite worktops will be a beautiful choice and could be used anywhere even around the sink. They are also durable compared to most natural stones.

Solid surface work surfaces.

They are usually made from a combination of acrylic resins, colorings, and minerals. They usually have a natural luster and are warm to touch. These solid surfaces are also seamless. The solid surface worktop are best used in wet area and seamless integrated sinks. Since they are available in different colors, bright hues would be ideal for modern kitchens. They are also durable and water and stain resistant.

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